Why Choose Desert Dental?

Answer: We are honest and caring. Over 17 years, Dr. Ilya Benjamin has offered his expertise in providing solutions to very complicated mouth problems. That is why patient from all over the world come to us for treatment. Want to see more, click here for some references. Besides helping patients, Dr. Ilya Benjamin teaches other Dentists on topics such as Implant Dentistry. Google Dr. Ilya Benjamin, and you will see that “other dentists” listen to what he says. If he is not teaching, then he is blogging on this subject.

Where is the Best Dentist in Henderson?

Answer: Desert Dental is the home for Best Dentist in Henderson and below are the reasons why. We offer the following concierge services:

  • IV Sedation: We offer the “real” sedation through your veins. Unlike some that just give you a pill, Desert Dental practices both moderated and deep sedation. That means you will be connected to monitors and oxygen for a great experience of your life!
  • In House Dental Lab: Why is this important? Because you will be assured that your work will get custom attention and quality. In fact, Dr. Ilya Benjamin build a lab for that reason! He was tired of getting work from different labs that did not pass his test. That is why we have invested over $500,000 in lab equipment and training.
  • Our Positive Culture: We know that without great people, we are nothing. We pride ourselves in both rigorous selection and training of our teammates. The goal is for all them to have accountability to deliver excellent patient experience.
  • Digital Workflow: For those that understand how messy impressions can be, you will be amazed by our digital workflow that eliminates all this goop and mess! At Desert Dental, we have committed ourselves to 3Shape technology allowing us to not only take impressions digitally but also fabricate the crowns through the same software.
  • Collegiate Experience: Our team includes Dr. Jeff Moxley, a teacher and leading Oral Surgeon in Las Vegas and Henderson. And if we collaborate is for the one major reason: to provide excellent service to our patients without the hassle and egos in one place, our office. Should you want to see more info on Doctors Team Work, please watch the episode on The Doctors Show, where they did a complete makeover for Las Vegas Native.
  • Community Service: Our Doctors belong to both Church and Synagogue and practice what they preach that good deeds go a long way. That is why from time to time, we not only donate our service to Vets but work with victims of crime or family abuse. Giving back to the community is not only mandatory but it makes us feel better about where we live. Our motto is that those that know how to help, should help!
  • Non-corporate feel: Walk in to our office from day one and you will feel the difference, personal attention. And when compared to conglomerates like ClearChoice, an implant center – we offer all facets of dentistry. The latter is so important, because sometimes when you can save a tooth, its’ better for you versus getting a dental implant. In addition, other chains are managed by Regional Managers that tell Dentists what to do. At Desert Dental, our business is ran and owned by Dentists. That means we are not motivated or driven by profit, but what is right for the patient.

Overall, if you are looking for a new Dentist or a second opinion then give us a call or schedule online below. We look forward to seeing you soon and having you part of our family.

ilyabenjamin Sincerely,

Ilya Benjamin, DMD