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Mouth guards help prevent up to 200,000 sport-related dental injuries annually. Statistical data shows that approximately 600,000 athletes with different kinds of dental injuries visit dental clinics every year. Those athletes who wear sport guards reduce the risk of getting dental injuries dramatically. On average, a custom mouth guard helps an athlete save up to $10,000 to $20,000 per tooth on his/her lifetime dental costs.   

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Custom Mouth Guards from MDD

My Desert Dental is proud to inform its patients about our partnership with Guardlab! With this partnership, our dental clinic now offers a new dental service to its clients; custom mouth guards! We build custom mouth guards for individuals/ athletes alike. At My Desert Dental, we offer various mouth guards options – Upper Protection, Lower Performance as well as Lower Night Recovery.   

Why Get a Custom Mouth Guard?

Our Guardlab Certified dental clinic uses the latest 3D technology for producing sport guards. This revolutionary technology allows us to achieve accuracy as well as a comfortable and very precise fit.   

When it comes to custom mouth guards, My Desert Dental aims to provide its clients with exactly what they need. We can make your mouth guard different by personalizing it with a licensed logo, flags, your name (or number) or even with your own image. Moreover, you can personalize your mouth guard with an array of color options.

Each of our sports guards is individually designed. The mouth guards are custom made as well to help realign the jaw into an optimal position. Mouth guards positively affect the TMJ joint as well as your jaw, head and neck muscles. Mouth guards can help reduce nerve compression.

Get Your Custom Sports Guard at My Desert Dental!

You can get your custom mouth guard from My Desert Dental in three simple steps.

  1. Choose a mouth guard and customize it for your needs.
  2. Come in for us to make a 3D scan of your teeth.
  3. The mouth guard is 3D printed over the course of 5 (or less) business days and shipped directly to you!

We offer custom mouth guards at affordable prices.  Our 1-st adult mouth guard costs $249.99. The additional adult mouth guards cost $124.99. The first youth sports guard is available at the price of $149.99 only. Additional youth sports guards are available at the price of $99.99.

We are also proud to announce that My Desert Dental has been nominated to be the exсlusive lab of UFC Fighters in providing custom mouth guards/ sports guards services!