Mary Abdou, DMD

Nice To Meet You

I am an Egyptian/American Dentist who moved to the United States in 2001.  As a result of my move to the United States, I actually graduated from Dental Schools twice ! I earned my  first dental degree and masters in Endodontics and Fixed Prosthesis from Egypt then moved to the great city of Las Vegas and graduated from UNLV Dental School Magna Cum Laude in 2009. Choosing to mary_abodougo through dental school twice is a testament to how committed I am to my profession and to helping my patients receiving the best dental care.

I enjoy cosmetic dentistry and the joy of changing people’s lives by gifting them with a beautiful and radiant smile. Implant technology continues to evolve and I am proud that I am on the forefront of providing dental implants to my patients. I am also in the process of further developing my professional repertoire so that I can provide sedation dentistry for my patients.

Outside of the office, I am a mom to an amazing  son, and the cutest step daughter, and a wife to my supportive husband. Recently, my son, my husband  and I jumped from an airplane 13000 feet above ground in celebration of my birthday. It was a life changing experience that reminded me that with right guidance and support any leap of faith is achievable. I know that undertaking extensive dental care may be daunting for some patients, but I am there with them every step of the way, not only as their dentist, but as their guide as they take their own leap for a brighter future.