Five Interesting Facts about Botulinum Toxin AKA Botox®

Hello everyone! Here are some fun facts about botulinum toxin!

Five Interesting Facts about Botulinum Toxin AKA Botox®

#1. Static wrinkles vs. dynamic wrinkles. Static wrinkles are lines that are already formed on one’s face. If the lines are deep, they generally will not go away with just botulinum toxin treatments. They once were dynamic wrinkles that only form when a person moves and contracts the muscle underneath. The ultimate goal is to utilize botulinum toxin to treat dynamic wrinkles before they turn into static wrinkles. Many people believe that botulinum toxin make the wrinkles disappear. That is only partially true. The skin has the tendency to remain as flat as possible. The lines then smooth out when the muscles underneath become less active.

#2. The dreaded frozen or surprised look. If you have a conservative injector, you are less likely to have this issue post-operatively. The frozen look usually happens when the injector prescribes too heavy of a dosage or if the patient requires very little amount of units to make the muscles less active. This is where communication is very important with your injector. Tell him or her that you would like a more natural look. I’m sure he or she just wants you to be happy.

#3. Less is more. It is recommended to have your next round of botulinum toxin done after 3 months at a time. I also always do an enhancement appointment two weeks after the initial injection to assure optimal effect for each patient. Everyone’s body is different and can react to botulinum toxin differently during different periods of time in their lives. Why not spend a little more time to make sure the result is exactly what you wanted?

#4. Aftercare is extremely important. It is not wise to touch or rub your injection sites since the botulinum toxin can spread to other unwanted area. This may result in unsightly brow ptosis or even eyelid ptosis where either your brow drapes down or your eyelid drapes down. Not a good look! It is also not recommended for the patient to exercise or be in a sauna or hot tub after such treatments. The toxin has the potential to diffuse into areas you do not want. Getting a facial or a massage right after the treatment is strongly discouraged.

#5 Botulinum toxin takes time to kick in. Therefore, one should not get treatments done two days before a wedding for example. It can take up to 14 days for the toxin to completely work its magic on your muscles of interest. Hence, an enhancement appointment after two weeks will give you the best results. One should also be aware of the bargain options that sound too good to be true. You do not know where they are getting their botulinum toxin from, and you will not know the effectiveness and safety of these botulinum toxins. At Desert Dental we only use FDA approved injectables shipped from reliable and safe companies.

Hope you all enjoy this. Til’ next time!

Dr. Yang

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