CT Scan

Facilitate is a computer guided implant treatment software that allows for treatment planning in a 3D environment using data processed from a CT scan. Unlike other options of computerized treatment planning utilizing 2D images, the 3D imaging provides a significantly higher level of precision – and this means efficient, accurate and predictable outcomes for all our implant cases.

By utilizing comprehensive information about the patient’s anatomy that allows guidance for each individual implant regarding position and size and with the ability to fabricate surgical guides that help to replicate the virtual planning at surgery, Facilitate helps us simplify the surgical procedure providing for more predictable outcomes.

Facilitate is also an outstanding communication tool. All members of our implant team can base their treatment decisions on the same information and it also makes it easy to explain the treatment to the patient.

The result is accuracy in implant placement and higher success rates in an esthetic result, less stress and increased confidence during surgery by allowing us to accurately plan around the specific anatomical consideration, we are able to further expand the cases that we treat to include more compromised and/or complicated cases. Furthermore, we are better able to present a realistic cost of treatment to our patients.