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If you’re fitted with dentures or possibly a dental bridge, you’re probably used to the daily annoyances that come with them. But if your dentures or bridge have an annoying and embarrassing tendency to slip out when least you expect them to, a dental implant might be what you need. Here is some info to get you started on the journey to more comfortable dental health.

No other restorative dental procedure can stimulate bone growth and preserve existing bone the way dental implants do. Dentures have been used for decades, but they can be frustrating to live with when they slip and interfere with speech. Dental implants act much like regular teeth, so you can avoid the problems associated with dentures.

Dental implants work by attaching a natural-looking tooth to a metal rod designed to interface safely with jawbone and tissue. After the rods and jawbone attach they’ll grow more sturdy and bonded as time passes. After the teeth are secured to the rods they’ll function and appear exactly as your own permanent teeth had.

Modern day dental implants are more durable and flexible. Dental implants can replace a single tooth or provide a permanent alternative to bridgework or dentures. Patients with only one missing tooth usually opt for a mini implant. You should speak with your dentist about replacing your dentures by getting implants.

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The increasing popularity of expert recommendations for implants instead of dentures isn’t surprising considering how much enhancement is seen in clients’ everyday quality of life. Dental implants provide a much more appealing look and are more akin to real teeth as opposed to older types of tooth replacements. The implants are also permanent, strong and stable in your mouth. In short, implants make your life less stressful than dentures.

Experience is super important when deciding on dental implants. You will probably be blown away by the near perfect results a well-trained implant specialist can deliver. These highly skilled dentists may also have access to extremely up-to-date technology, so your implants will probably be as modern as possible. There a several reasons to go with a quality dental implant specialist.

Getting dental implants can do much more than simply looking like a normal, healthy tooth. Often, a loss in fullness in a person’s face isn’t really due to the aging process, but rather the result of lost teeth, and an implant might help to remedy this. You’ll get to benefit from the natural form of your face for a more extended time with implants. Having a great, perfect and pearly-white smile contributes much to your looks.

Permanent implants remain in place and should reduce the fear factor of having an embarrassing moment with your teeth. Implants are cleaned using the same oral hygiene methods used on natural teeth. All you have to do is simply brush and floss your implants the same way you’d take care of your natural teeth.

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