Introducing Oraqix® (lidocaine and prilocaine periodontal gel) 2.5%/2.5%

Oraqix® brings effective, needle-free anesthesia for adult patients during scaling and/or root planing procedures.

Oraqix® is the first and only FDA approved needle-free subgingival (below the gumline) anesthetic indicated for use in adults requiring localized anesthesia in periodontal pockets during scaling and/or root planing procedures.

Oraqix® avoids patients’ needle anxiety by using a blunt tip applicator & dispenser instead of a syringe!

The most common adverse reactions in clinical studies using Oraqix® were application site reactions, headaches, and taste perversion.

Now, thanks to Oraqix®, there is a needle-free option for scaling and/or root planing. Ask your dentist today!

How Oraqix® Works

Oraqix is applied on the gingival margin around the selected tooth using the blunt-tipped applicator.

After waiting 30 seconds, the periodontal pocket is then filled with Oraqix until it becomes visible at the gingival margin.

The dental professional will wait another 30 seconds before starting treatment. Delaying the time before starting the procedure does not enhance the anesthetic effect.

The scaling and root planing procedure may begin 30 seconds after the application of Oraqix to the periodontal pocket. Anesthetic effect, as assessed by probing of pocket depths, has a duration of approximately 20 minutes (individual patient overall range 14-31 minutes).

Oraqix®, the needle-free subgingival anesthesia for scaling and/or root planing!

Oraqix® does not prevent gum disease or periodontitis.