Cosmetic Dentistry Henderson Las Vegas NV

Improvement of your present smile can be a life changing experience!

Cosmetic dental rehabilitation requires a team approach that includes the patient’s understanding, doctor’s experience and a competent lab. The latter is crucial to the success of the case since the work is completed at the hands of a skilled technician. That is why Dr. Benjamin monitors the lab closely with respect to shape, size and color. Being a highly rated dental clinic in Las Vegas (a winner of a patient’s choice award 2015), we offer state of the art Cosmetic Dentistry services in Las Vegas Henderson NV.

Naturally, when a patient comes into the practice for a cosmetic consultation, everything is taken into account—including the spouse’s or friend’s input. Custom shade of the teeth is not only a standard of dental care but a requirement.

“Listening and hearing to what the patient wants is crucial to the success of the case,” says Dr. Ilya Benjamin. It’s this exact motto which has helped us earn our reputation when it comes to Cosmetic Dentistry in Henderson NV.

Whether it is a special event that you are preparing for or just a second opinion, please call Dr. Ilya Benjamin at (702) 260-1890 for a complimentary consultation with a licensed Nevada cosmetic dentist for cosmetic dentistry services in Henderson, NV.