Why Desert Dental does the best Braces?


Why does Dr. Heinrich use the precisely German engineered and manufactured MB5 System of brackets (braces) in his practice? Well, it is his experience of treating over 10,000 orthodontic patients that directs him toward the use of these precision brackets.

The wires that connect all the teeth when someone has braces are known as arch wires. In recent years, new materials have been developed that are really great in moving teeth and they are manufactured to absolutely precise dimensions. But, the actual braces on the teeth are much harder to manufacture to precise dimensions. In order to get the best orthodontic results it is necessary for the amazing new arch wires to be received by very accurate dimensions in the slots of the braces.


Dr. Heinrich studied the many braces that are manufactured world wide, and he concluded that the preferred choice for him was the MB5 bracket system. MB5 brackets are the latest and best generation of braces developed by Dr. McLaughlin (San Diego, CA) and Dr. Bennett (London, England). MB5 stands for Dr. McLauglin and Dr. Bennett’ 5th generation of braces. Besides the correct match of wires and braces slots, they have special features that they have learned to incorporate into the braces stemming from approximately  40 years of research into the best methods of tooth movement. They have not only demonstrated the great advantages of their preferred brackets in four text books and in numerous articles, but they have lectured all over the world for decades regarding the best and most efficient orthodontic care.

Drs. McLaughlin and Bennett chose the Forestadent Company in Germany to produce their latest generation  MB5 braces because of Forestadent’s methods of manufacturing precision metal parts since their founding in 1907 when they began manufacturing precision parts for watches.

Everything considered, it was an easy decision for Dr. Heinrich to chose MB5 brackets to help him produce the best results for his patients!