Where is the Best Dentist In Henderson, NV?

We think Desert Dental is home to caring and best Dentists In Henderson. Don’t believe us?  Then look us up on Yelp or Google to find out what other people are saying about us.  Besides this social proof, our skill set has to be proficient since we do IV Sedation. Why is that important?  Because when we are working on patients who are sedated, then our actions have to be swift and results predictable.  Think of it as a “black belt” Dentist, that knows the moves so fast and so good that during sedation appointment all the needs of the patient must be met.

Overall,  we think below are main 5 factors in deciding to find the Best Dentist in Henderson, NV:

Best General Dental Clinic in Henderson NV
  • Clinical Experience: They say that experience trumps all factors when seeking the best dentist in Henderson. Desert Dental was established in 2001 and has been a part of the community when Green Valley was in its embryonic years. Long time before there was The District or LifeTime, Desert Dental was already operating and seeing many patients. Amazingly, we are seeing the second generation of our early patients! Those that were single in our initial days are now married with children that are going off to College.
  • Post Graduate Training: Not all general dentists go through post graduate training. On average, most Dentists finish a four year Dental School and start working; however at Desert Dental postgraduate training is a requirement. For instance, after graduating top in his dental class, Dr. Ilya Benjamin went for Post Graduate Training in Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami. This experience was both rigorous and rewarding.
  • Personality: Obviously when seeking the best dentist, you want to be able to connect and engage with your Dentist. If you read our social reviews, then you will see that Dr. Ilya Benjamin has a great bedside manner. Beside people trusting him with their dental needs, he is very likable enough that patients bring him lots of cookies and baked food. Check out these pictures from our lovely patients that keep bringing that food.
  • Sophistication: As soon as you step in Desert Dental, you will see modern technology like NdYag Laser, 5 Axis Milling Machine, Low Radiation X-Ray, Digital Impression and much much more. Even our booking and communications are all done with speed and convenience that Millennials love!
  • Best Results: Whether you are in pain or just fear the Dentist, we can make your mouth look great! Most of the work that we do is done in the house. And because we rarely refer, you will notice that most of your needs will be best served at Desert Dental. For instance, our in house lab can match and stain any type of cosmetic crowns that you seek. In addition, our front desk makes sure that you get the most out of your insurance. Our promise to you is that we will treat you how we would like to be treated. No Surprises. No gimmicks. Just plain truth.

If you would like to get personal and compassionate attention to your dental needs, then give us a try. See you soon.